A joint outcry from Frem and Lakkis

January 14, 2023


On a visit to Sheikh Ghassan Al-Lakkis, we denounced what happened in Jbeil yesterday against the backdrop of the case of William Noun and insisted that the matter be dealt with wisely, because William is a heartbroken man whose wounds did not heal in the absence of justice for his brother.

On behalf of the sons of Jbeil and Keserwan, Muslims and Christians, we urge the release of William Noun as soon as possible, because the case of the Beirut port blast is a national issue par excellence.

It is a shame to attack the port victims’ grieving families, in light of the failure to achieve justice for the martyrs, more than two years after their tragic death. Finally, we stress that the judiciary should not be politicized, because this would lead to the ultimate end of the nation.

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