Frem calls for a constructive consensus around a president able to address common priorities

Lebanese MP Neemat Frem, head of “Project Watan’s” Executive Board, regretted the lack of progress regarding the presidential dossier, and called for a constructive consensus around a president who will be able to address common priorities.

He tweeted: "Unfortunately, the presidential dossier has hit a deadlock. The political parties are still clinging to their respective positions, and this situation is very worrying in terms of the identity of the person who can secure a quorum of 86 votes in all president election sessions, as provided by the constitution, by consensus and persuasion.”

 He added: "I believe that there are common grounds and concerns among all parties, such as alleviating people's pain and suffering, putting an end to the collapse of public institutions, implementing the expanded administrative decentralization and many other topics… Why don’t we adopt these files as the basis of consensus, and leave the discussion of the contentious ones for later through a dialogue to be launched by the next president?”


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