Frem: Do you realize that you are dragging us on a futile journey that will be full of suffering and blood?

January 14, 2023


The Chairman of “Project Watan’s” Executive Board, deputy Neemat Frem, paid a solidarity visit to Father George Sawma, who was reprehensibly attacked during a peaceful sit-in of locals and officials in Jbeil in solidarity with activist William Noun.

"There is absolutely no wisdom in everything that is happening in William Noun’s case. To all officials, I say that what they are doing, at this particular time, with all the prevailing tension, is nothing but evidence that we are going to a place from which there is no return.”


Frem addressed the concerned parties, warning “in the loudest possible voice” that their actions are causing “the dissolution of the central state in all its aspects.”

“Why is it not possible to close a side road, in a tactful and civilized manner, as a peaceful expression of a justified request, and before a crime that has destructed Lebanon and shed the blood of precious martyrs whose souls have not known justice yet?" he asked, calling the army commandment to investigate what happened yesterday in Jbeil, especially that “the peaceful sit-in has been organized in coordination between Father George Sawma and a major in the army."


“People of some regions have the feeling to be inferior…
What will be waiting for us and where are we heading to if you continue this way? Now that the international judiciary is conducting investigations in Lebanon, and with the arrival of the French delegation, what message are you sending today?” he asked. “Is it another scandal to add to the judiciary’s negligence, the investigation’s obstruction and your carelessness in carrying out your duties? Are you oppressing the people now?  Is this the extent of you being the enemies of yourselves?”


And he concluded: “Do you know that you are erasing the remains of the Greater Lebanon and taking us to the dissolution of this country? Do you realize that you are dragging us on a futile journey that will be full of suffering and blood?"

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