Frem launches electoral machine with a raised tone, before a wide crowd

"Vote for your happiness, not for his Excellency"

Is it possible for those who caused all this failure, humiliation and hunger to find solutions?

The situation we are in is not the result of fate, but rather the responsibility of a failed system that killed Lebanon by quotas or foreign allegiance

Resigned MP Neemat Frem launched his electoral machine during a massive celebration in Regency Palace Hotel, Adma, in presence of a wide crowd of political, public and civil society’s figures, along with the "People First’s” family, the cadre of the electoral machine that counts more than one thousand people, in addition to media representatives.

The ceremony was presented by journalist Majed Bou Hadir and included visual presentations, anthems, and of course the speech of Neemat Frem, candidate in the Keserwan-Jbeil district.

Frem, who is running in the parliamentary elections with a number of candidates from different districts on the basis of his “Project Watan,” shed light on this national movement. Raising the tone of his speech and political stances, he stressed that "the situation we are in is not the result of fate, but rather the responsibility of a failed system that killed Lebanon through quotas or foreign allegiance. A system that destroyed the nation’s institutions, displaced its people, starved its children, violated its sovereignty, and humiliated its population.”

“Today, we are presenting an alternative to death with a project of life, in order to give back the decision-making power to the state, whether in the security, military, economic, educational, or financial fields,” he declared.

“Let’s look at the facts together. Four years after the last parliamentary elections, two years after the collapse, and a year and a half after the explosion of Beirut port, we are still in the same place. The investigation into the crime of the port’s explosion has not been completed yet, nor has the economic and financial recovery plan even started. The rules of the electricity regulatory authority have not been implemented, the electricity plan has not been executed and the capital control law has not been drafted. If a plan, any plan, was adopted two years ago for economic rescue, you can be sure that the deposits in banks would have doubled, despite the possible flaws of the said plan. However, until today, the system has maintained its failure and is still unable to come up with even a single solution. Do you think it is possible for those who caused all this failure, humiliation and hunger to find solutions to such issues!?”

Frem then explained that “Project Watan" is not a party and that it does not seek any share in the state. “It gets its rights from each and every official who is honest and professional, and from every project that generates an added value to the country, benefits generations, and contributes to unleashing the energies of the Lebanese, in Lebanon.”

He added: "Our project decided to support candidates from all Lebanese regions, candidates who are committed to adopting the draft laws we are working on in our forums, in order to be submitted to the Parliament by our bloc. Through “Project Watan,” we are presenting alternative points:  transparency instead of corruption, productivity instead of obstruction, experience and the ability to act and implement instead of inability and ignorance, and most of all, we present an alternative to the republic of quotas and clientelism, which is a state that provides the best services at the lowest cost, in the Republic of Man.”

Frem also tackled the main topics of his project that is detailed in eight structural subjects and forty-three focused themes. He mentioned the most important and urgent matters such as recovering the depositors’ savings in banks,  drafting an economic and financial recovery plan in cooperation with the international community, Lebanon’s neutrality, favoring the interests of the Lebanese national security and sovereignty in every decision and position, implementing  expanded decentralization, developing the ruling system starting from Taif to avoid any further disruption, and rebuilding state institutions, their management and operating system through an advanced digital system and control bodies, and protecting these institutions from any political interference, based on the cornerstone of the independence of the judiciary.

In addition, Frem emphasized the necessity of restoring the values ​​of leaders and officials, saying: "We want leaders who have immunity to corruption, selfishness and ego. We want officials who are not blinded by positions and power, and whose kindness and mercy grow with their increasing responsibilities; leaders who are able to step down with pride if they lose or fail, without resorting to methods of justification, remediation, hatred and revenge.”

Addressing the crowd, Frem said: "Believe me, we must love and pray for those who attack the good, honorable people of values, those who attack us every day. May God guide their way. We want to tell them: If only you knew what you did and are still doing, you wouldn't have got us where we are today."

Turning his attention to the electoral machine of “People’s first” family, he asked them to reflect an image to the world through the elections, “an image that shows the world that we are a people worthy of life, a people who know how to govern themselves and who not want any new custody.”

He continued: "Now we are in Purgatory, not in Hell. Through the elections, we have the opportunity to go to a different place, towards joy and true happiness, or to head to the abyss of hell. We are running the elections with new headlines:

Our goals are the citizens’ happiness, the services of ministries, the State of Institutions, the luxury of life, the dignity of the Human Being, and the honor of the country

He concluded: “Tell everyone not to vote for empty words and slogans. Vote for a project with a feasible plan, carried by competent, honest and credible people. And do not forget, O Lebanese citizen: "Vote for your happiness, not for His Excellency."

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