Frem: They all know my program and if my profile is what they want, then I am ready

November 20, 2022


Lebanese MP Neemat Frem declared that today’s priority is to save what can be saved before the inevitable death and the total destruction. He also saw that the President of the Republic must be elected through a quorum of two-thirds of the votes of the House of Representatives, because he must be the referee.”

He said, in a television interview: “It is clear that MP Michel Moawad will not succeed because of the need for a quorum of 86 deputies, and since the quorum can be broken, this actually means that two-thirds of the House of Representatives must approve the election process.”

Frem added: "We are in a situation where alignments are clear, and the first round has not ended yet. I invariably voted for Michel Moawad and I even delayed a trip in order to vote for him in the last session. However, I am working at the same time to break the positioning and to enter the next scene."

He then declared: "I am not announcing my candidacy because the constitution does not require it, but also and most importantly because everybody knows who I am, what I do and what my program is. If they want such a profile, then I am ready."

Frem also considered that "a positive shock is needed in the election of a president of the republic.”

“In the ballot box, we are voting for a name and a program,” he said. “The economic and social topics, as well as the healthcare file, are the priority, and the economic issue is directly related to that of the depositors. Hence, a constructive and productive consensus is needed in the presidential elections, instead of a sterile accord. Procrastinating is the worst thing that is happening right now."

According to Frem, “the issue of the Resistance should be discussed in depth with all parties. “What is the meaning of resistance anyway?” he asked. “A one Lebanon that is free and independent, where the decision-making mechanism is clear. We must understand each other to know how to build the new Lebanon, and we must elect a president who will direct the subsequent dialogue," he explained.

In conclusion, Frem stressed the need to "build the state institutions on the basis of productive and administrative approach, to secure services to citizens at the highest level and lowest cost, and to transform the Lebanese economy into a productive one, all away from the politicization of the administration."


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