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“Projet Watan”: Proposals Regarding Lebanese Army Command Should Be Free from Constitutional or Political Interpretations

Frem: How long will this monstrosity last, and what is this evil?

“Project Watan” calls for the development of a proactive emergency plan to address all potential scenarios

Frem Denounces Genocide in a War Devoid of Humanity

Frem Strongly Condemns Israel’s Targeting of Journalists

Frem Eulogizes Giselle Khoury: Lebanon and the Arab World Lost a Fighter for Freedom

Project Watan – Byblos: Let’s Run for Education

“Project Watan”: Mass Migration is a Catastrophe… and Beware of Delivery Services

“Restoring Lebanon’s Role”… Frem congratulates Maalouf on His Election as Permanent Secretary of the French Academy

“Project Watan” discussed the presidential deadlock and the state of the judiciary

Discussion of the Recent Syrian Displacement Wave and Ain al-Hilweh Clashes at the Weekly Meeting of “Project Watan”

Frem: To what extent will common grounds surpass narrow political priorities?

Frem: Mount Lebanon is the cornerstone of uniting all Lebanese for the sake of the entire nation

Frem, during a meeting with university students: Citizen happiness, our primary goal

“Project Watan”: Why is the state lagging behind in revenue collection?

A plea from Frem: What is the cost of diesel oil to operate the water pumps in Kesrouan?!

“Project Watan” in Diman: Unwavering Support for Rahi’s Stance on the Presidential Election

Frem to Lebanon’s National Basketball Team: You are the best representation of Lebanon’s beautiful image

Frem eulogizes Talal Salman: He was an advocate for a productive Lebanon

Frem rejects any legislation in the absence of a president, except for utmost necessity

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