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Frem: Mikati has the opportunity to bring back Lebanon to its Arab environment, our electoral alliances will be revolutionary and reformist

Frem launches electoral machine with a raised tone, before a wide crowd

INDEVCO and Cortbawi Institute sign a protocol of vocational and technical support

Frem: Are you waiting for famine to strike before acting?!

Frem: Bkerki is and will remain the inspiration and spirit of the entity

Infernal repercussions on civil peace and elections avoided, thanks to security forces achievement

Electoral law: Exception regarding expatriates’ vote counting scandalously opens doorway to fraud

Frem regrets lifting of subsidies on diesel amid storm sweeping Lebanon

Frem denounces attack on UAE: Evil has returned

What does Keserwan, the den of the Maronites, mean for Neemat Frem?!

About the legacy of values in Neemat Frem’s political inheritance

Frem at “Digital Transformation” Forum launching: It is a shame that Lebanon is at the bottom while the world has flown high

Frem to Gulf countries: Our people are captives

“Project Watan”: A lesson to learn, in the midst of judicial and diplomatic crises

Frem warns against decrease of NSSF subscribers’ number: Where is the ration card?

To all Lebanese officials...

Frem: Discretion in listening to Geagea is rejected

“Project Watan” tackles health sector challenges and possible solutions

افرام ينعي المونسنيور بو هدير: الأرض لم تعد تسع محبّته

Expanded decentralization in “Project Watan”: what I know and what I don’t

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