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How did Frem remember martyr Pierre Gemayel?

Frem: We are truly independent only when...

Frem: They all know my program and if my profile is what they want, then I am ready

Frem calls for a constructive consensus around a president able to address common priorities

Frem à partir de Bkerké : Je crains que ce chaos ne tue ce qui reste du Liban

Le patriarche maronite, le cardinal Béchara Boutros Rahi, a rencontré ce matin, au siège patriarcal de Bkerké, le député Neemat Frem, qui a par la suite déclaré...

Frem from Bkerki: I fear that this chaos will kill what is left of Lebanon

ثورة 17 تشرين على طاولة النقاش في "مشروع وطن الانسان" والكاتب الاستاذ ملكار الخوري يقرأ في الدروس والايجابيات ضمن : " Tuesday Talk "

Frem from the SISC: To circumvent the void and address the concerns

Frem meets with the Sheikh Akl of the Druze over constitutional junctures

Rebuilding the state institutions, priority of the new President of the Republic…

“Project Watan” – Byblos marathon, an event with sports and educational taste

Freedom of Expression and Responsible Media: A New Equilibrium in the Making

Frem: To achieve financial balance, otherwise the continuous and renewed collapse will have the effect of a nuclear bomb

Neemat Frem, the engineer who aspires to fix the republic bugs

Frem: Only truth and justice can alleviate the sufferings of August 4

Frem: Thinking of writing off depositors' savings is forbidden

Frem: The new council of the Lebanese Maronite Order, a worthy successor to an excellent predecessor

Frem: Mikati has the opportunity to bring back Lebanon to its Arab environment, our electoral alliances will be revolutionary and reformist

Frem launches electoral machine with a raised tone, before a wide crowd

INDEVCO and Cortbawi Institute sign a protocol of vocational and technical support

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