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On Mother’s Day, “Project Watan” pays tribute to Byblos’ mothers

Frem: To arrange for the safe return of displaced Syrians and avoid the explosion of the time bomb

Frem from ESCWA: Industry is the cornerstone of building the Lebanese economy

Frem: For a homeland worthy of all mothers, in heaven and on earth

Project Watan fears the loss of the country’s components of continuity

Frem: By faith and knowledge, the election of Mahfouz and Hobeika completed the Maronite Order’s mission

Frem: Bkerke's national, unifying message remains.

Frem calls for a swift issuance of the health card, asks about the ration card and prepares bills

LACC’s delegation meets “Project Watan’s” parliamentary bloc

Frem: Lebanon should drill for gas regardless of maritime deal with Israel

Frem: The Jeddah Communique adheres to Lebanon's identity, presidential juncture reveals the orientations

Frem: Values restoration and comprehensive reforms are a must at this point of no return

Frem: Mikati has the opportunity to bring back Lebanon to its Arab environment, our electoral alliances will be revolutionary and reformist

Frem launches electoral machine with a raised tone, before a wide crowd

INDEVCO and Cortbawi Institute sign a protocol of vocational and technical support

Frem: Are you waiting for famine to strike before acting?!

Frem: Bkerki is and will remain the inspiration and spirit of the entity

Infernal repercussions on civil peace and elections avoided, thanks to security forces’ achievement

Electoral law: Exception regarding expatriates’ vote counting scandalously opens doorway to fraud

Frem regrets lifting of subsidies on diesel amid storm sweeping Lebanon

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