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Frem, during a meeting with university students: Citizen happiness, our primary goal

“Project Watan”: Why is the state lagging behind in revenue collection?

A plea from Frem: What is the cost of diesel oil to operate the water pumps in Kesrouan?!

“Project Watan” in Diman: Unwavering Support for Rahi’s Stance on the Presidential Election

Frem to Lebanon’s National Basketball Team: You are the best representation of Lebanon’s beautiful image

Frem eulogizes Talal Salman: He was an advocate for a productive Lebanon

Frem rejects any legislation in the absence of a president, except for utmost necessity

Frem on behalf of the “New Lebanon” and “National Moderation” parliamentary blocs: For urgent legislation exclusively

Frem: Will We Go Down the Path of Renewing Promises? We Will Find Out Soon Enough

Frem: The Absence of State Authority and Sovereignty Can No Longer Be Accepted

Frem: August 4… We will not forget

“Project Watan:” To find a swift solution for BDL management within the constitutional and legal frameworks

Frem on the occasion of “Project Watan’s” two-year anniversary: Yes to electing a president, no to changing the system

Project Watan: The Election of a President Remains the Top Priority

Frem in a Detailed Presidential Review: We Are Facing the Test of History

Frem congratulates Taymour Jumblatt on his election as PSP chief

Frem: The vacuum is deadly, and the solution lies in a president from the common grounds

Project Watan: The consensus is inevitable to produce a president

Frem presents his economic vision for Lebanon’s revival in the presence of national personalities

Frem from the Islamic Makassed Alumni Association in Beirut: To seize the golden opportunity in the East led by the Saudi Vision 2030

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