Frem from Ain El-Tineh: The President of the Republic must come from the common grounds

House Speaker Nabih Berri received MP Neemat Frem at the second presidency headquarters in Ain El-Tineh, to discuss the current general situation, the latest political developments and the presidential elections.

On emerging, MP Frem said: “I was honored to meet with president Berri today. We touched on important topics, especially the issue of the Presidency of the Republic, at this delicate stage the country is going through.”

“We talked about the importance of the next president who must provoke a positive shock. He should come from the common grounds between the Lebanese and be able to address the youth and give them hope by confirming that this country is worthy of its people -- a president who addresses every person who left Lebanon, especially the youth energies that emigrated and are still emigrating,” he went on saying.

“As all the Lebanese, we are witnessing today what is happening to us and our country. All our energies, not to say the best of them, are leaving. Therefore, the next president must address all those who left Lebanon in the past four years and ask them to come back, because their country is ready to welcome and honor them. At the same time, he must address the world’s investors to attract foreign capital -- not only the countries of the region and investment funds, but also the Lebanese capital abroad --, because we want the successful Lebanese across the world to come back and to invest their energy and potentials in the development of their country,” he explained.


"This is why I wanted to meet with Speaker Berri at this particular stage, with the hope to witness the election of a president from the common grounds," he concluded.

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