Frem: The new council of the Lebanese Maronite Order, a worthy successor to an excellent predecessor

A delegation from “Project Watan,” headed by the president of its Executive Council, Deputy Neemat Frem, visited the headquarters of the Lebanese Maronite Order in Saint Anthony Monastery, Ghazir, to congratulate Abbot Hadi Mahfouz and Father Professor Georges Hobeika on their election as Superior General and Vice Superior of the Maronite Order, respectively, as well as the new council of the Order and the general administrators.

The delegation included, in addition to Frem, MP Jamil Abboud, Mr. Hassan El-Husseini, Dr. Assaad Eid, Dr. Pierre Abi Khalil, Lawyer Eddy Khalaf, Ms. Tania Tabet, and Mr. Amir Moqdad.

Speaking in the name of the delegation, Frem deemed the elected council “a worthy successor to an excellent predecessor.”

“We have high hopes, especially in the light of the tremendous challenges that Lebanon is going through,” he said.

“The Maronite Order has always played constructive roles in crucial circumstances similar to what our country is enduring today,” he added, before wishing Abbot Mahfouz, the new council, and the general administrators all the success in their missions within the monastic community and the church, as well as in their role at the national level - especially when it comes to giving a good example in terms of transfer of power and always prioritizing the community’s interests over personal and individual ones.

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