“Project Watan” sounds alarm on BDL and army command vacuum

 “Project Watan’s” Executive Board held their weekly meeting, chaired by Representative Neemat Frem.

After discussing the latest political developments, especially the presidential file, they issued the following statement:


  1. “Project Watan” lengthily discussed the latest developments in the region and the changing dynamics towards a new phase of positive relations, while Lebanon remains in a political deadlock. This reality places a great responsibility on all parties and reflects a negative image of Lebanese people, showing them as incapable to manage the crisis and save the country. In view of this, the conferees call for a positive shock and urge the Lebanese parties to invest in the common grounds in order to elect a president who is able to handle the current situation, an honorable president who will gain the trust of local, regional and international parties, and who will pave the way to the era of building a new Lebanon.


  1. The Executive Board regrets Lebanon's absence from the quartet meeting held in Jordan to discuss the situation of Syrian refugees in our country. The conferees consider that Lebanese are the ones to shoulder the responsibility of this absence because they present themselves as a burden and a part of the problem, rather than a state that is able to contribute to the solution. If we forget what divides us and bring up our common vision for a solution to the crises that afflict our country -- particularly the issue of the displaced Syrians -- we will find human and strategic solutions for the future of Lebanon, not at its expense.


  1. “Project Watan” fears that the presidential vacuum extends to the remaining state institutions, which will lead to further collapse and disintegration. A central bank that perfectly runs the financial sector, and a capable and cohesive military institution that enjoys a national consensus, are among Lebanon’s stability constants. The vacuum that may hit these two institutions due to the presidential void portends dire consequences for the country and its people.


We still have the opportunity to save our country and safeguard its institutions. We need to elect a president of the republic who enjoys a methodical and practical thought, who will fill the void -- not only occupy the seat – and who will be capable of freeing Lebanon from the burden of the past to head towards the future and its challenges.



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