Project Watan: The Arab League summit is an exceptional opportunity for Lebanon

Thursday, May 11, 2023


“Project Watan’s” Executive Board held their weekly meeting chaired by Representative Neemat Frem and attended by all members. After deliberating over the latest regional and international developments and the challenges facing Lebanon and the Lebanese, they issued the following statement:  


  1. “Project Watan” discussed the reopening of the bridges between the Arab countries and the establishment of understandings on unsettled issues. The conferees considered that the Arab League summit, which will be held in Saudi Arabia on May 19, is of great importance and represents an exceptional opportunity for Lebanon. The Lebanese must build upon it to exit the tunnel of their crises and to elect a president for the republic who is suitable for this stage – a president who carries out a comprehensive rescue project and gains the confidence of the Arab and international communities.
  2. "Project Watan” confirms that the ongoing vacuum in the state’s key positions put Lebanon's identity and entity at risk. The governorship of the Central Bank is an important link in the chain of preserving what remains of the major state institutions, and this entails finding the best way out through the election of a president of the republic before the end of July.
  3. The conferees stress the need for a solution to the issue of the displaced in Lebanon. Amidst the Arab-Syrian rapprochement and the agreements and solutions that are being formulated between the concerned countries from Jordan to Turkey, we as Lebanese have to develop the optimal political, security and humanitarian vision, in order for the solution to be for the sake of the displaced and in Lebanon’s interest, not at its expense.
  4. The conferees regret the loss of Minister Sejaan Azzi, who actively took part in many of “Project Watan’s” discussion and research sessions. With his departure, Lebanon has lost a man of thought and culture, a man with an exceptional vision in politics and strategy. We extend our deepest condolences to his small and large family and to everyone who accompanied him on his journey.
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